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Compliant with Data Security
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Gsmart Virtual Money

Financial inclusion, mobile financial services, MFI, closed-loop systems, air-time distribution, in-app purchases, social media credits, lotteries, and trade fairs— Gsmart has a solution for all business models.

Gsmart Features

  • Mobile Money
  • Multiple Wallets for Each Account
  • Multi-Currency Wallets
  • CUG Wallets
  • Child Wallets
  • Bank and Card Linked

Gsmart Services

  • Social Payments
  • eKYC & Verification
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Cross Currency Transactions
  • International Remittance Services
  • Companion Cards

Features of Loan Management System

    Fully Customizable Loan Programs
  • Empowering them to tailor their offerings according to the unique needs and preferences of their customers.
  • Real time decision making
  • Reduces processing times and increases efficiency, which improves the entire customer experience.
  • Readymade connector for other banking systems
  • Efficiency speeds up deployment and offers an easy transition for institutions using the latest technology.
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Why Choose Gsmart Loan Management


Relax in the scalability of Gsmart's platform as it adapts business's growth and rising volumes of transactions.

Technical Support

Gsmart's technical support will ensure smooth integration and stay advice, offering a reliable and efficient platform.

Reporting Dashboard

Access extra tools such as risk management tools and analytics, which will improve the overall efficiency of your BNPL product.

Compliance & Security

Ensures that businesses using the platform can operate with confidence, mitigating legal risks and building trust with customers.
Covering the Entire Loan Management Software Lifecycle

A Unified Platform

Loan management software that saves money and increases efficiency

Streamlined Process

A digital experience that cuts down the use of humans or, as a result, risk and human error.

Improved Client Experience

A more seamless onboarding process can help to capture and retain clients.

A Loan Management Software

Built To Help You Navigate Your Way Ahead

Gsmart white label loan management system is a cloud-ready solution, that enables you to launch custom innovative offerings fast and effectively. Additionally, with all of the loan management software features available from one screen, customers can speed up the entire credit card method and manage all of their loans.

It's the exact strategy you need to jump on others.

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The platform supports online as well as in-store channels. All digital payment systems initiated via the Payment Gateway, POS device, IVR, mobile, and kiosk are automatically settled with the merchant hub according to the settlement options configured.

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Gsmart LMS - For All Loan Types

  • group lending
  • variable installment loans
  • business loans
  • agriculture loans
  • incremental disbursement
  • Joint Liability Group
  • SME Lending
  • individual lending
  • Open Ended Lending
  • custom loan program
  • payday loans
  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Try Our Loan Management Solution
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Who Are We

Over the years, we have perfected our technology intending to ease the lives of our customers offering them high-quality,
easy-to-deploy products. Gsmart prebuilt modules help you with the fastest time to market without compromising on the security level.

$ 1 Bn Transactions

13 Countries

10 Mn Users

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