Fully Customizable Software
Compliant with Data Security
Saas-Based Pricing


Supports single payment file holding multiple instructions, of different payment types


We enable organisations to accelerate the Omni Channel customer onboarding journey by automating and optimising the process by using an automated process


STP and Maker Checker process to go digital with an all-digital process that can be executed without paper and human involvement.

Offline Transactions

Authentication, Onboarding and Payments are processed offline and reconciled automatically once merchants reconnect to the internet.

Mobile POS Integration

Integrations to POS devices for biometric authentication, Bluetooth printing and Voice Notification for door-step delivery.

Loan Origination Collection and Distribution

Easily capture loan applications in the field enables easier repayment at trusted agents.

Card-less Withdrawals

An innovative feature that enables ATM transactions without using cards.


Extending your services in the remotest areas of the country with no access to branches through agent deployments triggers Financial Inclusion. The solution offers the flexibility and agility necessary for servicing remotely working customers by enabling last-mile connectivity.

A Fintech Platform is Drive a Growth


We are enabling the retail banking industry with the digital-first approach by providing digital banking-first solutions. Create a unique digital experience for your customer unique needs your bank


We assist companies in achieving three goals via our carefully picked yet highly versatile specific stack: growth, agility, and safety.


Customers can manage all products like savings, loans, cards, payments to have a 360-degree view of their finances


Leverage advanced analytics to gain valuable customer insights to build deeper relationships and deliver relevant services to consumers.


Multimedia and multilingual omnichannel notification. Personalized real-time alerts on unusual behaviour patterns.


Easy-to-use tools for financial insight. Review past spending based on categories and time intervals.


Create custom rules to award loyalty points or cashback on events, usage or frequency of transactions, partial or full redemptions


Enables banks to manage and optimize their corporate client engagement across any device and channel. Get access to a comprehensive dashboard detailing your liquidity position across accounts, upcoming payments, and receipts to make better-informed cash management decisions

Digital Banking Platform For Any Financial Institutions

  • Get the best solution for your bank or credit union
  • Ready to Use Modular Backend
  • 250+ APIs to centrally manage all products.
  • Flexibility to add functionalities and build customer journeys as per your choice.
  • Build customer-centric products through our API and SDKs.
  • Access platform capabilities through our extensive set of 250+ readily consumable, RESTful APIs.
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Fully Customisable Turn Key Apps

Gsmart offers ready-to-configure applications that enable Banks, Credit Unions, and Fintechs
to go to market quickly.

  • Quick to deploy with your own branding
  • Configure to match the bank’s workflows
  • Rich set of features to delight retail and business customers
  • Gsmart Core Functionalities
  • User Management
  • Registration
  • KYC
  • Agent Customer/ Merchant Groups
  • Roles And Permissions
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Document Management
  • Channel Access
  • Integration Management
  • Secure Integrations
  • IP White-Listing
  • Authentication Rules
  • Encryption
  • Oauth Tokens
  • API Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Velocity Limits
  • Fees And Commissions
  • Roles And Permissions
  • Authentication Rules
  • AML CFT Rules
  • Audit Logs Rules
  • Reporting
  • A Central Hub for Retail, Corporate and Agent Banking
  • Centrally customize and monitor and all products, users type and transactions.
  • Set granular access rights, permissions and limits.
  • Realtime tracking and authorisation of all customer requests
  • Aggregate customer data from other systems like CRM, Trade& Finance, aggregators and BI systems

Agile Technology to innovate like a Neobank

  • Our No code solution is quick to deploy and adapts to the requirements of your growing business.
  • Conceptualize and execute interfaces to match the bank’s branding, set policies, and define workflows and customer segments.
  • We are highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the demands of your business.
  • Fully Managed Scalability and Security
  • You can easily orchestrate customer journeys across every touchpoint with the help of contemporary, microservices-based architecture.
  • You receive reduced overhead with our fully managed future-proof systems, that is always updated for the latest security patches

Who Are We

Over the years, we have perfected our technology intending to ease the lives of our customers offering them high-quality,
easy-to-deploy products. Gsmart prebuilt modules help you with the fastest time to market without compromising on the security level.

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13 Countries

10 Mn Users

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