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Gsmart Virtual Money

Financial inclusion, mobile financial services, MFI, closed-loop systems, air-time distribution, in-app purchases, social media credits, lotteries, and trade fairs— Gsmart has a solution for all business models.

Gsmart Features

  • Mobile Money
  • Multiple Wallets for Each Account
  • Multi-Currency Wallets
  • CUG Wallets
  • Child Wallets
  • Bank and Card Linked

Gsmart Services

  • Social Payments
  • eKYC & Verification
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Cross Currency Transactions
  • International Remittance Services
  • Companion Cards


  • Per user based pricing to assure best service quality.
  • Pre-built Exclusive Features
  • Utility Bill Pay
  • In App Purchase
  • Credit Card Pay
  • International Remittances
  • Payroll Services
  • Digital Content
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Social Payments.
  • Scheduled Payments
  • NFC
  • e-KY
  • Geo-location Services
  • Dependent Wallets
  • Rich set of features to delight retail and business customers
  • Mobile
  • Topups
  • e-Commerce Payments
  • Mobile Banking
  • Coupons & Vouchers
  • Gifts and Promotions
  • Tax and Fee Collections
  • Multi-Currency Transactions
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A Fintech Platform is Drive a Growth

Launch Faster

by deploying trustworthy software as an infrastructure for your bank, businesses can skip having to start from scratch.

Scale Smoothly

We assist companies in achieving three goals via our carefully picked yet highly versatile specific stack: growth, agility, and safety.

Full Regulatory Compliance

We build with PCI DSS, ISO, and OWASP guidelines. With your database kept on your servers - You can forget about compliance issues.

Integrate Easily

Clients can easily take care of all of their banking needs in one location due to the API-first architecture white-label fintech platform.

Make Informed Decisions

Make an analytic panel and visualize data on all aspects of the company to build data-driven solutions that enhance user satisfaction and loyalty.

Personalize without Restrictions

Beginning with employee and client web interfaces, extra functions, positions as well as access levels.

Key features and benefits of our POS digital payment solution

  • Seamless Integration
  • Multi-channel Payment Acceptance
  • Multi-channel Payment Acceptance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting
  • Customizable and Scalable
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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The platform supports online as well as in-store channels. All digital payment systems initiated via the Payment Gateway, POS device, IVR, mobile, and kiosk are automatically settled with the merchant hub according to the settlement options configured.

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E-Commerce Payments

Digital Payment Methods have emerged as a game-changer for both merchants and customers. With the increasing demand for convenient, secure, and seamless transactions, integrating a reliable digital payment solution is crucial to stay competitive.

  • Benefits of embracing digital payment solutions
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Improved Security
  • Global Reach
  • Seamless Integration
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
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Businesses need effective and secure digital payment systems that can keep up with the rapidly changing digital climate in today's fast-paced world. Our Point of Sale (POS) digital payment solution fills this need. Our cutting-edge technology enables businesses of all sizes to improve customer experiences, speed up transactions, and generate growth.

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Rewards and Cashback Module

Reward Cashback Payments is a unique program that allows you to earn cashback on your digital transactions. Every time you make a purchase using our digital payment platform, you will receive a percentage of the transaction amount credited back to your account as cashback.

Benefits to enhance your digital payment experience
  • Earn money while you spend
  • Increased savings
  • Flexible redemption options
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Seamless integration
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Who Are We

Over the years, we have perfected our technology intending to ease the lives of our customers offering them high-quality,
easy-to-deploy products. Gsmart prebuilt modules help you with the fastest time to market without compromising on the security level.

$ 1 Bn Transactions

13 Countries

10 Mn Users

QR Code Payment

Quick Response (QR) code technology is used by QR Payment, a secure digital payment solution, to provide quick, practical, and contactless transactions. By simply scanning QR codes displayed at retailers' ( POS ) machines or on digital invoices, users are able to pay with their smartphones.

The Benefits of QR Payment
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Versatility
  • Enhanced Tracking and Analytics
  • Cost-Effectiveness
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Gsmart Business Wallet

Gsmart offers a full-service suite for enterprise wallet services enabling Telco, retailers, distributors, corporates, and governments. From transaction services like payroll, credit lines, and working capital loans to business process management features like distribution hierarchy, and maker/checker roles.
Our pricing model—Pay as you grow, makes us a good fit for SMBs.

  • Maker-Checker Roles
  • Auto User Status Control
  • Transaction Control
  • Closed Loop Management
  • Companion Cards
  • Transaction Limit Controls
  • Bulk Registration
  • Payroll Management
  • Group Notifications
  • Integration to ERP/CRM/HRM
  • Bulk Payments
  • Support for CSV, Excel data
  • Agent Hierarchy
  • Parent/Child Controls
  • Real-time commissions
  • Bonus & Promotion campaigns
  • Merchant Collections
  • FOS Mobile Apps

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