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Gsmart Corporate & SME Banking Services
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Merchants, Banks, and Payment Service Providers gear up for a transformative solution that amplifies your success by increasing revenue by up to 30%

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  • Fully Customizable
  • Low Code Tech
  • The API-first architecture enables quick implementation & inexpensive changes in a wide range of services.
  • Full Regulatory Compliance Forget compliance issues - We build with PCI DSS, ISO, and OWASP guidelines. With your database kept on your servers.
  • SaaS-based pricing : Enjoy flexibility with our SaaS-based pricing model. Pay for what you need and scale your operations as your business grows. In the most convenient way possible.

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Comprehensive Modular Features Pick and Choose
As Per Business Priorit

Multi Language

Communicate to your users in their native language.

Omni Channel

Notify and engage your users on the channel they use, target messengers, email, SMS, push, In-App.

Invoicing and Reconcilation

Invoice your customers, give payment links, and get real-time reports to help the finance team better manage the books.

Targeted Campaigns

Schedule campaigns to user segments for a higher success rate in user onboarding and pending payments

Bulk & RecurringPayments

Uploading a simple.csv or.xlsx file to build payment links in bulk, also helps save time and prevent errors.

Ready Made Connectors

Ready-made connectors for leading CRM, CBS, BPM, and ESB systems, and custom integrations are available on request.

Why Choose Gsmart Corporate Business Banking Solutions?

    Digital Transformation and Integration
  • Gsmart provides a seamless corporate digital banking platform, integrating various services onto advanced digital platforms to manage their finances efficiently.
  • Efficient Automation
  • Automation speeds up the transaction process, avoids errors, and increases overall efficiency for clients to benefit from smooth and reliable banking operations.
  • Secure and Reliable Transactions
  • Gsmart has a high emphasis on security, and by offering that all transactions made using its platform are secure and reliable, it builds client trust.
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Gsmart adheres to regulatory requirements, ensuring corporate and SME banking clients can execute financial transactions by regulatory standards.

Who Are We

Over the years, we have perfected our technology intending to ease the lives of our customers offering them high-quality,
easy-to-deploy products. Gsmart prebuilt modules help you with the fastest time to market without compromising on the security level.

$ 1 Bn Transactions

13 Countries

10 Mn Users

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