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Multicurrency Bank Account For Any Business In 5 Days

Obtaining a Multicurrency Bank Account for Your Business in 5 Days: Simplifying International Transactions

A multi currency bank account allows businesses to transact in different currencies and manage international payments efficiently. While the exact timeline may vary depending on the specific bank and country, it is possible to open a multi currency bank account for your business within 5 days.It’s important to note that the timeline for opening a multi currency bank account may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of your business structure, the bank’s internal processes, and the completeness of your application. Working closely with the bank’s representatives and promptly providing any additional information or clarifications they may require can help expedite the process.

Multicurrency Bank Account For Any Business In 5 Days

Send and receive SEPA/SWIFT transfers 24/7 in 35 currencies in 160 countries


Same day SEPA transfers

Immediate payments within the Hawex system in any of 35 (supported) currencies


Transaction account

For additional safety. We save transaction details and complete it when both sides fullfill their responsibilties


Payment tracker

rack the status of every payment in real time. Just like post tracking


Mass payouts in 1 click

Make payments in 1 click from your accounting software or other API-integrated service


Flexible access control

We create a user-friendly banking platform for businesses and individuals.


Control team spending

Set spending limits for each emloyee. Receive notifications about spending in one place in real time.


Leave a request

Our manager will contact you and help you choose a product


Open an account

Start your activity in 5 days


Accept Payments

Everything is ready! Nothing can stop you now


Scale your business

Grow your business. Hawex will do the rest

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