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Who we are ?

GSSMART Group incorporated in INDIA is a Unit of Gsunite Group providing a B2B digital platform for its retail network to provide Financial Inclusion services for the underserved population.
We are one of the fastest growing B2B Group which is massively expanding its geographical presence to serve the Bharat side of India and contributing towards India Stack.
Within a short span of 4-5 years the Group has a predominant footprints in North, East & Southern India and some sporadic presence in north-eastern states with a Retailer/ Agent Base of 80,000 + outlets
The business has grown to 700 + Cr per month in DMT and 1000 + Cr in AEPS. The next aim is to make it 1500 Cr DMT and 2000 Cr AEPS by exit Q4 2020-21
Business Correspondent of ICICI Bank, Fino Payments Bank, Airtel Payments Bank, Paytm Payments Bank & Bank of India

Our mission

We help GS Smart based enterprise implementations across digital transformation practices of banks, NBFCs, fintechs, neobanks and other financial services providers.

Financial Data Analytics

Your financial business generates big data. We support your data analytics by introducing industry standards of reporting. Insightful reporting lets you keep bringing newer and innovative financial products to your market.

Product Discovery

Your business has multiple use cases. We help you find and discover them, employ composable banking standards. Our Gssmart based implementation brings higher customer retentions to your financial services.

Core banking Transformation

Core banking with Gssmart is a reliable and scalable approach. Our team assists you in setting up an industry standard implementation of core banking use cases of lending, DDA type financial services with IFRS standards of accounting.

Assisted Fintech services

Be it any type of fintech use case, Gssmart aided implementation strategy will help you go a long way in creating a stable technology infrastructure to support your business of assisted financial services.

Our values

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